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  • Top 10 conures as pets

    Top 10 conures as pets

    Following is a list of the top 10 conures as pets. They are clever, playful, colorful, and can be a source of enjoyment to their owners. They are reasonable prices and therefore should be available easily. Conures come in different sizes, and colors and their personality also differs from specie to specie. Some are quiet […]

  • How to keep ants as pets

    How to keep ants as pets

    Keeping ants as pets is easy, fascinating, educational, and intriguing. It is amazing to watch how they build pathways, store their food and reproduce. What is a formicarium? A formicarium is the housing for an ant colony for their growth. Glass jars, aquarium tanks, or anything that can be kept escape-proof and moist can be used […]

  • Budgie feeding guide (Info for best nutrition for budgies.)

    Budgie feeding guide

    Budgie feeding guide (Info to decide what is the best nutrition for budgies.) Birds in their natural environment search for food selectively. They know when their diet is inadequate therefore, they forage for the correct food to get the correct nutritional balance. Our captive birds cannot do that and are dependent on us to provide […]