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How bad is sugar
How bad is sugar?
Keto blueberry waffles
Keto blueberry waffles
Diet for thin people
Diet for thin people
Healthy living blog posts.
  • Tortoises and turtles as pets

    Tortoises and turtles as pets

    Some small terrestrial tortoises and freshwater turtles species are kept as pets. All tortoises are in fact turtles. Tortoises have more rounded and domed shells whereas turtles have thinner, more water-dynamic shells. Turtle shells are more streamlined to aid in swimming. One major key difference is that tortoises spend most of their time on land and turtles are […]

  • Fish as pets

    Fish as pets

    As our first blog post about birds as pets, fish as pets is a vast topic. From training fish to keeping freshwater aquarium fish and marine aquarium fish. As well as keeping fish in a garden pond. Fish make great pets because they don’t need training, playtime, or grooming. Pet fish can reduce stress, anxiety, […]

  • Rabbits as pets

    Rabbits as pets

    Rabbits as pets can be housed in exercise pens, free roaming without any boundaries in a rabbit-proofed space, and as a house companion. Rabbits can be litter box-trained and taught to come when called. They need exercise and can damage a house that has not been “rabbit-proofed” because of their innate need to chew. Male […]