Snakes as pets

Snakes as pets

Some snakes are kept as pets, especially docile species like the ball python and corn snake. A captive breeding industry has developed to meet the demand. Snakes that are bred in captivity are preferable to species caught in the wild as they make better pets. They can be very low-maintenance pets as they need minimal space as most common species do not exceed 1.5 meters in length. And they are fed relatively infrequently, usually once every five to fourteen days. Certain snakes have a lifespan of more than 40 years if given proper care.

The captive breeding industry is called herpetoculture. It is the keeping of live reptiles and amphibians in captivity, whether as a hobby or as a commercial breeding operation. “Herps” is an informal term for both reptiles and amphibians. It is undertaken by people of all ages and from all walks of life, including career herpetologists, professional reptiles or amphibian breeders, and casual hobbyists.

Top 20 pet snakes: I am planning to discuss each species in upcoming blog posts:

  1. Corn Snake is the most popular beginner snake.
  2. Smooth Green Snake
  3. Ringneck Snake
  4. Rainbow Boa
  5. Carpet Python
  6. Cape House Snake
  7. Dekay’s Brown Snake
  8. African Egg-Eating Snake
  9. Rat Snake
  10. Children’s Python
  11. Rough Green Snake
  12. Common Boa Constrictor
  13. Kenyan Sand Boa
  14. Western Hognose Snake
  15. Garter Snake
  16. Gopher Snake
  17. Milk Snake
  18. Rosy Boa
  19. Ball Python
  20. California King Snake

Enclosures for pet snakes

Glass aquariums, terrariums, glass, and fiberglass cages explicitly designed for snakes have become more widely available. Many herpetoculturists prefer these newer enclosures as they come in larger sizes, are more secure, can be stacked, and are more easily modified to include heat and humidity sources.

Feeding pet snakes

Snakes eat exclusive carnivore meat. The type of meat and the frequency of feeding vary by species. Make sure you’re feeding your snake the right things based on his individual needs.

Featured photo courtesy: Naomie Wille – Grey banded king snake

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