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  • The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide

    The Tarantula Keeper's Guide

    Book review: The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide: Comprehensive Information on Care, Housing, and Feeding Terrarium hobbyists and arachnid lovers will rejoice at this comprehensive guide on tarantulas! The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide provides in-depth information on their biology and advice on housing and caring for pet tarantulas. Tarantulas are small and easy-to-maintain exotic pets that are fun and captivating […]

  • Spiders as pets

    Spiders as pets

    Spiders as pets are very popular for those who are not squeamish about them. They will intrigue you with their hunting and homemaking skills. Just a word of warning, they are excellent escape artists, so please don’t keep any species you would not want loose in your house. Spiders belong to the Arachnid class. This […]