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  • Herbs for dogs

    Herbs for dogs

    Herbs for dogs – By Margie Frayne We should never forget that the ancestors of our domesticated dogs were wild animals who looked after themselves very successfully for food and health and had an instinctive ability to turn to certain plants to treat themselves for various ailments. For centuries man has tamed & enjoyed the […]

  • Turmeric for dogs benefits

    Turmeric for dogs benefits

    Turmeric for dogs benefits. Turmeric root has been used in Indian cuisine for thousands of years. It has become an increasingly popular health trend. Fresh turmeric root stores easily and keeps well. It will keep in your refrigerator for a few weeks, or in your freezer for up to six months. You can also dehydrate […]

  • Apple cider vinegar for dogs

    Apple cider vinegar for your dog

    Apple cider vinegar is a great supplement for dogs with some interesting effects. Apple cider vinegar can be used for Control pests such as fleas and ticks For ear infections To improve their digestive health Clear up the skin and for itchy skin Support healthy blood sugars It has antimicrobial properties It can help as […]

  • Food that can kill your dog

    Food that can kill your dog

    Food that can kill your dog. Not all human food is safe for your dog. Here is a list of the most dangerous foods for dogs: Xylitol Xylitol can cause your dog’s blood sugars to drop too low. Thus, can lead to seizures, damage to the liver, a coma, and even death. Avocados There is […]

  • Is sugar bad for dogs?

    Is sugar bad for dogs

    Sugar is not toxic to dogs but bad for them as it is very unhealthy in large amounts. It would be best if you did not give your dog: White sugar Brown sugar Processed sugar Xylitol Candy or lollipops Chocolate Corn syrup Sugar can also hide in chips, bread, or crackers. Vanilla ice cream. A […]

  • Most common bird diseases

    Most common bird diseases

    Molecular Diagnostic Services (MDS) test for the following most common bird diseases: Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease Virus (PBFDV) PBFDV is a devastating and highly infectious viral disease caused by a circovirus. The most common symptom is progressive feather loss involving malformed feathers. As such feather changes may also be caused by other factors, testing […]

  • The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide

    The Tarantula Keeper's Guide

    Book review: The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide: Comprehensive Information on Care, Housing, and Feeding Terrarium hobbyists and arachnid lovers will rejoice at this comprehensive guide on tarantulas! The Tarantula Keeper’s Guide provides in-depth information on their biology and advice on housing and caring for pet tarantulas. Tarantulas are small and easy-to-maintain exotic pets that are fun and captivating […]

  • Top 10 saltwater fish for beginners

    Top 10 saltwater fish for beginners

    Top 10 saltwater fish for beginners. The incredible diversity of species making their way into retailers’ tanks can be overwhelming at times for a beginner. Here is a list of the easiest saltwater fish to keep: Ocellaris clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) Maximum Length: 8.9 cm – 3.5 in. Native Range: Indo-West Pacific Minimum Aquarium Size: 38 L […]

  • Top 10 conures as pets

    Top 10 conures as pets

    Following is a list of the top 10 conures as pets. They are clever, playful, colorful, and can be a source of enjoyment to their owners. They are reasonable prices and therefore should be available easily. Conures come in different sizes, and colors and their personality also differs from specie to specie. Some are quiet […]

  • How to keep ants as pets

    How to keep ants as pets

    Keeping ants as pets is easy, fascinating, educational, and intriguing. It is amazing to watch how they build pathways, store their food and reproduce. What is a formicarium? A formicarium is the housing for an ant colony for their growth. Glass jars, aquarium tanks, or anything that can be kept escape-proof and moist can be used […]